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America’s Cup Challenge- Ceco Teams Race

Here is your chance to compete against your fellow Ceco Convention participants!!

 As a result of Hurricane Irma, the golf course in Sint Maarten is still not viable and as such, rather than battling it out on the golf course, we thought a battle on the water might be appropriate! 

Welcome to the home of the St. Maarten “America’s Cup” 12 Metre Challenge. It’s your opportunity to race multi-million dollar America’s Cup Race Boats in the warm blue waters and brisk trade winds of the Caribbean. Dennis Conner’s America’s Cup winning Stars & Stripes, Canada II and True North are yours for this once in a lifetime adventure. Our expert crew will show you exactly what to do in your “crew members” position.   The exhilarating race follows a challenging but fun course in the calm waters of Great Bay that is suitable for landlubbers as sea faring people of all ages. Be a part of the racing crew or cheer your teammates on as they grind the wench, hoist the sails or provide counter-balance.

The course layout is in accordance with the America’s Cup races.

Celebration Rum Punch Party after the Race.

Attire: Sneakers or boat shoes, bathing suit under shorts and t- shirt, sunscreen
Maximum: 18 people per yacht
Group Photos: Options available for a fee
Cost:  $125.00 per person including transfers

**This activity has limited availability and must be signed up and paid for during registration**

Rhino Rides

Description: Enjoy the ride of your lifetime while being the captain of your own vessel. It is a little boat designed just for you and a buddy. It’s fast, safe and easy to manage.

After a brief introduction on the rules and regulations concerning the watercraft you will follow your guide as you captain your own little two-man boat through the lagoon and along the scenic coastline.

The tour is a combo of beautiful scenery and exhilarating wave surfing through the tropical ripples and wave. We’ll make a snorkeling stop at Creole Rock where you will be able to see a wide variety of fish including Ballyhoo, Sergeant Majors, Tang, Parrot Fish and Flounders and many more. On the way back we’ll go through the lagoon for a close-up view of some of the villas and yachts.

Our guide’s boat is always equipped with fresh drinks, safety and snorkel gear for your convenience.

Attire: Bathing suit under shorts and shirt, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, towel, camera. 


  • The minimum age for this tour is 6.
  • Each boat must have a person of 18+ years old.
  • You must be 18 years old to drive the boat by yourself.
  • You must be 14 years old to drive with an adult riding with you.
  • There is a maximum combined weight of 450 lbs. per boat.
  • Pregnant women and those with back, neck, hip, or knee problems are not allowed to participate on this tour.
Cost: Prices Available from Excursion Desk at Hotel
Duration: 2 ½ hr.



Philipsburg, the capital of Dutch St. Maarten, fills a narrow stretch of land between Great Bay and the Great Salt Pond. Founded in 1763 by John Philips, a Scottish captain in the Dutch navy, it soon became a bustling center of international trade. Today it is as bustling as ever, with lively shopping streets, cafes, and hotels.

Two main roads cut across the length of Philipsburg–Front Street and, yes, Back Street. Front Street, the main thoroughfare, is lined with duty-free shops offering everything from Italian leather goods and Japanese cameras to native crafts. Narrow alleyways lead in either direction to arcades and courtyards filled with flowers. Visitors will also find examples of traditional West Indian architecture, including characteristic pastel-colored houses with second-story verandas looking out over the street.

Shopping transfer (with fixed timing)

Cost Prices Available from Excursion Desk at Hotel

Half Day Sail

The white sands of the beach await you and gentle waves invite you to frolic and play on the shoreline or immerse yourself

 in the deliciously cool, invigorating salty azure water and observe some beautiful tropical fish swimming by as you snorkel.

Depending on sea conditions, the sail will be on the south side of the island on the calm seas of the Caribbean Sea.  

The group will have 2 stops for swimming and snorkeling.

Includes: Open bar on board, snack of baguette sandwiches, snorkel equipment and instruction and gratuity to the crew

Attire: wear your swim suit and bring sunscreen and a towel.

Cost: Prices Available from Excursion Desk at Hotel
Roundtrip Transfers: $20.00 pp from Sonesta Resort
Duration: 9am – 1pm or 1pm – 5pm

*Caribbean lunch can be added at and addtional $47- per person.


Three exciting experiences in one excursion.  Consisting of two lifts the Soualiga Sky Explorer brings you to the top of one of St. Maarten’s highest peaks while the scenery unfold below you.  The Schooner Ride sends you surfing down the mountain in an inner tube.  The ultimate experience will be taking the Flying Dutchman, the world’s steepest zipline, from one of St. Maarten’s highest peaks!

You will be guided to the plantation house, built in 1700’s, to learn the powerful story of Trace Wilson, born into slavery on the estate in 1818.  The museum will also showcase the legacy of Emilio Wilson, his descendant who later purchased the property, and his generous contributions to the island that he loved; St. Maarten “The Friendly Island”

Embark the Soualiga Sky Explorer for the approximately 25-minute ride to the top of Sentry Hill; one of St. Maarten’s highest elevations at 1,115 feet. The experience encompasses two chairlifts as well as a series of platforms encircle the mountaintop showcasing 360-degree views of the island including vistas of neighboring island of Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Barth’s, and Anguilla.  A brief orientation will prepare you to fly down the mountain on The Flying Dutchman; the worlds steepest zip line.  You will be attached to a flight line in a secure harnessed chair, launching you on a 1050 foot drop to experience the ride of a lifetime.

Flying Dutchman

Looking to go beyond your limits? Imagine riding over the mountain in the steepest zipline of the world. Start your adventure by taking a lift to the top of the mountain aboard the Sky Explorer, where stunning views will unfold as you ascend, then, let your hands loose while riding the Flying Dutchman.

The Big Three

Watch out, this package is only for those who want to try it all! If you’re interested in all our activities don’t worry, we got your back. We’ve combined our top attractions in one single tour: the Flying Dutchman, the Schooner and the Sentry Hill Zip Line and, of course, don’t forget to experience the most amazing views of the Caribbean.


For Flying Dutchman and Sentry Hill Zip & Schooner 

2 - 4 Hours depending on how busy the park is.

For The Big Three

2 - 6 hours depending on how busy the park is.
Cost: Prices Available from Excursion Desk at Hotel

Sentry Hill Zip & Schooner

It’s all about the thrill and marvelous views! This package includes a ride up to the mountain at the Sky Explorer, which means having the best spot for the 360° views, plus, enjoy a high flight with the Sentry Hill Zip Line and a slide down with the Schooner Ride.