Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten or Saint Martin, is a mountainous and volcanic island that is surrounded with beautiful white sand and coral reef. This island is located within the Caribbean Sea, just east of the Dominican Republic.

Sint Maarten is a fairly dry island with consistent temperatures all year round. The average temperature is 80°F with the island never reaching higher than 90°F or lower than 68°F. Similar to other Caribbean Islands, rain is very short-lived and there is no noticeable rainy season.

The island has a very unique culture, with the island being divided between the French and the Dutch. This provides the island with a wide range of languages and cultures that can be noticed easily. Due to this diversity, the people of Sint Maarten are extremely kind and generous, hence the nickname “The Friendly Island”.

Alongside the island’s diverse cultures comes their distinctive fusion cuisine, combining spices and flavours together, creating an exceptional experience for all tourists. The island has also been named ‘the culinary capital of the Caribbean’.

If you are a true water-sport enthusiast, then Sint Maarten is the island for you. With activities such as waterskiing, kayaking, wakeboarding, and sailing, one could spend all day on the beach soaking up the sun. Besides the numerous water activities, the island of Sint Maarten also provides gorgeous natural scenery that is great for hiking, horseback riding, and biking trails. The island truly speaks for itself by providing a glorious experience, using nothing but its sheer beauty.